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My chapter on Managing Coopetition in Knowledge-based industries

With Frédéric Le Roy and Anne-Sophie Fernandez, we have been invited to write a chapter on the Management of Coopetition in Knowledge-based industries.

More precisely, this chapter develops an on-going theory of coopetition management in knowledge-based industries. Coopetition is a strategy which combines simultaneously competitive and collaborative relationships. This combination allows companies to benefit from both the advantages of the competition and the advantage of collaboration. However this strategy is also risky in case of unintended spillovers and technology plunders. Companies have to manage the coopetitive risk by implementing three principles of coopetition management: the separation principle, the integration principle and the co-management principle.

The full references of the chapter are below :

Le Roy F., Fernandez A-S & Chiambaretto P. (2017). "Managing Coopetition in Knowledge-based Industries". In Sindakis S. & Theodorou P. (Eds), Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Growth: Coopetition and Knowledge Dynamics within and across Firms, 187-198. London, Emerald Publishing Limited

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