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My research article on alliance portfolio evolution

With Ulrich Wassmer (EM Lyon), we wrote a research article entitled "Resource utilization as an internal driver of alliance portfolio evolution: The Qatar Airways case (1993-2010)" that just got accepted in Long Range Planning.

More precisely, this article aims to understand the role played by resource utilization levels as a driver of alliance portfolio evolution over time. Based on our theoretical framework and on a case study of Qatar Airways (199.3–2010), we develop insights into the micro-dynamics of resource structuring in firms that possess an alliance portfolio. Our research shows that firms can create either their own or network resources with different deployment modes according to their resource utilization levels to remain profitable. We also emphasize that optimized resource utilization is a key driver of resource-structuring efforts in firms. Finally, we show that based on the focal firm's life cycle phase, the level of resource utilization changes and leads to various resource-structuring mechanisms that can be observed at the alliance portfolio level.

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