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My latest article in La Tribune on on-time performance

While nearly 30% of flights should be delayed during the summer of 2018, more and more passengers are opting for more punctual airlines, even if they pay a little more for their tickets. How much are we willing to pay for a plane to arrive on time? But most importantly, if passengers are willing to pay more, why are airlines not investing more in punctuality?

This article (in French - "Combien seriez-vous prêts à payer pour atterrir à l'heure?") offers some insights on this question based on a research article written by Philip Gayle (Kansas State University) and Jules O Yimga (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) entitled "How much do consumers really value air travel on-time performance, and to what extent are airlines motivated to improve their on-time performance ?" that has been published in Economics of Transportation in 2018.

For more details : click here

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